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Overview of countermeasure examples

For sections that greatly exceed the traffic capacity of the road, additional lanes have been newly added to increase traffic capacity, thereby reducing traffic jams.

Effects of countermeasure examples

Tomei Expwy (Yokohama-Machida-Ebina JCT)

Tomei Expwy (Yokohama-Machida-Ebina JCT) is one of the most congested places in Japan. By setting additional lanes in the Ayase and Imazato / Otani areas by 2014, traffic congestion has been reduced.

Traffic congestion on the Tomei Expwy (Yokohama-Machida-Ebina JCT) decreased 14% before and after the measures.

[Before] Tuesday, July 5, 2011-Friday, November 4, 2011, 122 days
[After measures] From July 1, 2014 (Tuesday) to October 31, 2014 (Friday) 122 days

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