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Creating a foundation for the future

Productivity improvement

To continue to meet the expectations of our stakeholders,
Develop initiatives to improve productivity and materialize overall group optimization.

Main measures

Promote initiatives to improve productivity

With the aim of building a solid management foundation that can respond to rapid changes in the business environment, we are promoting initiatives to continuously increase productivity. Each employee's unremitting efforts and in-house review meetings such as the productivity improvement review meeting examine and develop support and problem solutions.

Framework for promoting productivity improvement

Improve productivity through three nurturing initiatives

From the perspective of increasing the productivity of corporate activities, we are working on the following three “bred” initiatives. In fiscal 2017, we developed “bred up” initiatives at Companies in our Group.

[Growth 1] Penetration of management philosophy

Each employee understands the management philosophy and acts autonomously, which leads to improvement in the efficiency of daily work. This activity, led by the head of the affiliation, is a fundamental initiative of “nurturing”.

[Growth 2] Improve autonomous work environment

Each workplace unit autonomously engages in activities to improve work efficiency and revitalize the workplace, and create an environment where employees can concentrate on their work and work efficiently.

[Growth 3] Development of human resources who have a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility and think and act autonomously

We will develop human resources who can act autonomously through OJT, focusing on compliance, “quality (Q), cost (C), delivery date (D)”, etc. from the viewpoint of proper and efficient business execution.

Major efforts to promote “nurturing” and “nurturing” activities

Promote group-wide optimization to improve productivity

Review of division of work between organizations

In order to carry out large-scale projects smoothly, such as Expressway Renewal Project, while conducting daily road management and quick response in the event of an emergency, review the appropriate work assignment between Regional Head Office and the site. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your work.

Reviewing the division of work among employees

By reviewing the division of work including outsourcing, we will enhance the opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills according to the career of employees and strengthen human resources.

Optimize work sharing across the entire group

By optimizing work sharing, such as eliminating the labor required for administrative procedures between companies and eliminating duplication of duties between companies, the autonomy of each company and the operational efficiency of the entire group will be improved.

Promotion of information system optimization

With regard to in-house information systems, we are working to build an information system that can quickly respond to the diversification of each business measure while reducing overall costs, such as introducing a common platform, system integration, and cloud deployment.

Cultivate corporate culture and promote further activities

For the purpose of praising outstanding efforts based on everyday ingenuity and other initiatives, to further expand activities, to deploy horizontally within the group, and to train engineers, `` Operational research presentations '' were held at 17 locations including Companies in our Group"has been held. The outstanding initiatives selected at each venue were announced at the headquarters-hosted Innovation Forum and Technology Research Presentations, and the awards ceremony was followed by Grand Prix and other awards. In fiscal 2017, a workshop was held by presenters to further enhance the presentation.

Trends in the number of business research presentations