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Creating a foundation for the future

Human resources

Develop human resources with a high sense of mission and loyalty, with “safety first”
Engage in diversity management.

Main measures

Human resource development

Based on the idea of “employees to seek” based on the idea that “employees are the greatest“ goods ”for the company,” “employees who give top priority to safety and exercise their own leadership Employees with high sensitivity and strong on-site capabilities).

  • ・ Human resource development is carried out based on daily OJT based on a human resource development master plan that systematically organizes learning opportunities such as training.
  • ・ Continue training on safety improvements to raise safety awareness and develop human resources who can think and act on their own.
  • ・ To promote employee career development, we support career development by implementing career development training at each milestone, obtaining a doctorate degree, obtaining qualifications, and attending correspondence courses.
    In addition, we will introduce self-career docks and actively engage in career support through career consultations and career interviews linked to career development training.
  • ・ Regional development support training, which is an initiative of the “Community Development Support Project” that won the grand prize at “KAIKA Awarads 2017”, will be continued not only to develop human resources but also to accumulate know-how systematically. .

NEXCO CENTRAL Employees Seeking


Promoting active participation of women

Positioning the promotion of women's active participation as one of the important issues and appointing future female managers Large Establishing the target ratio (over 30%) of female graduates with the aim of recruiting new graduates in anticipation (7 as of the end of March 2018). In addition to actively hiring female general managers, female employees who are expected to be future leaders of the company, such as proposals for improvement from the `` Workplace Promotion Council where women can work comfortably '' composed of female employees, give birth and childcare. We are working to create an environment where people can continue working after a life event.
In addition, we are working to support the career development of female employees by dispatching to training in different industries and holding lectures.

Workplace promotion meeting for women

Ratio of female employees (NEXCO CENTRAL)

Re-employment system

By introducing a re-employment system (continuous employment until age 65), we have established a place for employees to use their careers and abilities after retirement (78 employees as of April 2018).

Support for people with disabilities

In order to support the work of people with disabilities, we are actively recruiting them by participating in job interviews for people with disabilities.

Promotion of work-life balance

In order to create an environment where each employee can continue working energetically, we will promote initiatives to support work-life balance, such as the introduction of childcare leave systems, nursing care leave systems and modified working hours systems that exceed legal requirements, and the promotion of male employees to take childcare leave. It is.
In addition, in fiscal 2017, we introduced a reemployment system for employees who retired for various reasons (job return system) and a spouse overseas companion leave system to enhance the internal system.

Number of employees taking childcare leave (NEXCO CENTRAL)


* Total employees who started taking childcare leave from each fiscal year

Childbirth / childcare / nursing care leave system (NEXCO CENTRAL)

Workability indicators (NEXCO CENTRAL)


  • • The ES survey value is a numerical value (maximum 5 points) calculated by conducting a survey of employees regarding whether or not they are a company that is rewarding.

Prevention of occupational accidents

Aiming for zero work-related accidents, we are working to create a safe and comfortable work environment and prevent accidents during construction. To prevent employees' occupational accidents, the Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to reflect the results of work environment safety checks and occupational accident analysis results. In addition, regarding accident prevention during construction, priorities are set for accident prevention based on past accident analysis, and inspections and confirmations are carried out during construction safety patrols and daily site visits. We are working to prevent accidents in cooperation with construction industry organizations and contractors, including safety education.

Number of occupational accidents (NEXCO CENTRAL group)