NEXCO CENTRAL (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

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Creating a foundation for the future


Expressway Improve network functions and promote regional exchange and collaboration.
We will develop initiatives that take advantage of local characteristics and contribute to regional revitalization.

Main measures

Contributing to regional revitalization through business activities

Disaster prevention cooperation

Based on the comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded with 11 prefectures in the city of our company, we will strengthen the cooperation system with the area at the time of disaster. To help residents temporarily evacuate in some areas during tsunami disasters, Expressway There is an evacuation site using the slope.
Also during floods Expressway So that you can carry materials and equipment Expressway We have strengthened the disaster prevention function, such as installing emergency openings that directly connect the dyke road and carrying out transport training.

Transport training (flowing from the emergency opening to the embankment)

Strengthen communication with local communities

We will strengthen communication with local communities and contribute to vitalization.
In fiscal 2017, we participated in local monitoring activities promoted by local governments to help local communities live with peace of mind, such as by reporting daily changes in daily operations, etc. We concluded an agreement with 8 towns. (As of March 31, 2018)

Efforts to revitalize the region and the possibility of new business

Promotion of regional revitalization business

Tokai-Kanjo Expwy TokiMinamiTajimi IC is a multi-purpose commercial facility located on the ground adjacent to Terrace Gate Toki. Yomimachi Onsen has been ranked among the top in Gifu Prefecture for the second consecutive year in the @niffty Hot Spring Annual Ranking 2017 for two consecutive years.
In the future, we will develop agriculture utilizing existing farmland and abandoned cultivated land along the Expressway area.

Terrace Gate Toki"Yomimichi Onsen"

Real estate development business utilizing the site of company housing

We are developing a residential land that has been abolished in a joint project with a real estate company.

ETC multipurpose service Large Initiatives for

Expressway To enable ETC card payments at other facilities, we conducted trial operation using general monitors at two time-rented parking lots to verify technical and operational issues.
In the future, based on these results, Large We will proceed with the study toward realization.

Support for efficient long-distance truck transportation

To reduce the burden on long-distance truck drivers and improve the working environment, a relay logistics base will be established at Hamamatsu SA on the Shin-Tomei Expwy. By exchanging the tractor head driver at the base, long-distance transportation can be shared by multiple drivers, enabling day trips.
In addition, to contribute to labor savings in truck transport, we are working to improve the environment with the introduction of double-connected trucks that can transport two large trucks with one truck.

Expressway Efforts to increase demand for passengers and the environment for accepting foreign tourists visiting Japan

Expressway Efforts to increase the exchange population utilizing the network

In cooperation with local governments, information on the appeal of the region is disseminated. We will actively promote regional events such as photologging competitions and tourism promotions that meet local needs.
Also, Expressway Drive plan that combines local tourism resources and local tourism resources Expressway Is a travel product that offers unlimited rides at a flat rate.

Efforts to attract foreign tourists visiting Japan

Foreign travelers visiting Japan are safe and convenient Expressway Multilingual guide display so that you can use
( Refer to enhancement of services for foreign tourists visiting Japan ) And aim for an overview of numbering up to 2020 that uses route numbers for signs. In addition, round-trip discount products ( See expansion of planned discounts ) And foreign language support to improve the reception environment.

Overseas business development, international exchange and international contribution

Business development overseas

We are developing overseas business mainly in Asia and North America. In fiscal 2017, we acquired the stake in the operating company of the Vietnamese toll road, “Fooley By-pass ”, the first Japanese Expressway company to enter the toll road business. At the same time, a strategic partnership agreement was concluded with a local company for the purpose of mutual cooperation in road maintenance. In addition, the company dispatches employees to the United States to search for business opportunities and network with the aim of participating in future road businesses.

Signing ceremony for acquisition of shares of “Fooley By-pass ” operating company

Exchange with the international community and international contribution

By participating in international conferences and seminars, and accepting training and inspections from various countries in cooperation with JICA and others, we are strengthening our relationships with overseas road operators. National Expressway In addition to consulting services that help develop maintenance plans and improve the skills of local engineers, we contribute to the international community by dispatching employees to countries as road specialists.

Results in 2017

・ Attendance at international conferences …………………………
·Consulting Services………………
・ Acceptance of training / inspection ………………………
・ Expert dispatch ……………………………………
11 cases
21 cases
2 cases
(Ministry of Transport Road of the Republic of Kyrgyz from April 2011)
(Embassy of Japan in Laos) From March 2018)