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Constant efforts to improve safety

On December 2, 2012, nine people's precious lives were lost and many people were affected by a ceiling board accident at the Sasago Tunnel(In-bound line) managed by ChuoExpwy.
We sincerely apologize to those who died and their families, and pray for the happiness of those who died. We sincerely apologize to those who were injured in the accident or those who caused inconvenience.

In response to the accident, the NEXCO CENTRAL group examined safety issues and formulated "3-Year Plan for Improving Safety" to prevent accidents from recurring. I ran it. Safety measures for road structures were completed in FY2015, but in order to address the eternal challenge of "improving safety" at Expressway, "3-Year Plan for Improving Safety ”and“ “Five Initiatives Policy” for Improving Safety ”was newly established, and with a deep reflection and strong determination to“ never have such an accident, ” We are working on it.

“Five Initiatives Policy” for Improving Safety

We have a strong determination that our greatest mission is to continue to provide customers with a safe Expressway without forgetting the Sasago Tunnel ceiling panel accident that occurred on December 2, 2012. Based on the following “ Five Initiatives Policy ”, we will continue our efforts to improve safety.

  1. Foster a corporate culture that puts safety first
    By enhancing collaboration and communication within the Group, we will foster a corporate culture in which values that prioritize safety are shared and autonomous behaviors are developed.
  2. Continuous improvement of business processes in response to aging and potential risks of road structures
    We will steadily implement planning, execution, evaluation, and improvement cycles that respond to aging of road structures and potential risks, and continually improve operations rooted in the field.
  3. Promotion of safety activities
    In addition to collecting and sharing a variety of internal and external safety information, including overseas, and providing detailed guidance and support for the latest on-site knowledge, we will also incorporate external perspectives to promote cross-organizational safety activities.
  4. Developing human resources to support safety
    We will develop human resources who give top priority to safety and have a strong sense of responsibility, motivation, and pride, and high technological skills to think and act on their own.
  5. Promote steady and efficient business to improve safety
    We will steadily and efficiently carry out business to improve safety by further improving inspection and repair technology and investing effective management resources.

Main Initiatives Based on the Five Initiatives Policy

Foster a corporate culture that puts safety first

[For FY2018]

  • Safety culture throughout the Group through the creation of a well-ventilated workplace, including the prevention of weathering of precious lessons learned from the fall of the ceiling plate of the Sasago Tunnel, further penetration of the management philosophy, giving top priority to safety, and sharing of values through enhanced communication. We will return to the basics of safety and steadily carry out group-wide efforts toward the development of
  • The management team and the heads of each workplace communicate their management philosophy and management policy, which put safety first, to employees in their own words to further disseminate and communicate at workplaces, including Companies in our Group that cooperate. We will work to make it smoother.
  • ● 経営陣は、グループ全体の現場の声に耳を傾け、現場の状況・課題を正確に把握するためにも、具体的な行動をとるとともに、現場の声へのフィードバックに努め、部門間・グループ内の共通認識を高めていきます。
  • In order to promote autonomous risk management, we will deepen dialogue with the workplace and work together to further disseminate risk awareness, such as preventing re-latency risks.

Group-wide initiatives including “Safety Day”

On December 2, NEXCO CENTRAL Group's “Safety Day,” we hold a memorial service, hold silence at all workplaces, and discuss safety-related workplaces.
At the memorial memorial service, while responding to the feelings of the bereaved family, the group as a whole worked to prevent the precious lessons of the Sasago Tunnel ceiling plate fall accident from weathering, and the young employees who joined the company after the accident and the front lines In addition to employees and group employees who participate in the event, a memorial service is broadcasted in-house to group employees who cannot attend. In this way, we will continue our group-wide efforts steadily.

Young employees attending the memorial ceremony

Dissemination of management policy and management philosophy

In order to further spread the management philosophy, etc., in which safety is our top priority, we will conduct “Safety Dialogue” and “Grow Up” activities for field offices ( See productivity improvement ).
In the "safety dialogue", along with the management team speak to employees and management philosophy to be the highest priority of the bereaved customers' thoughts and safety as a specific message, Sasago Tunnel of weathering prevention and in the field of precious lessons of the ceiling board fall accident We are trying to share the issues we have. From FY2018 onwards, we will Large scope of implementation not only to field offices but also to Regional Head Office and Companies in our Group.

Safety dialogue with management

Foster common awareness among departments and groups

Considering “common recognition within the group” as one of the important issues, in addition to opportunities for safety communication such as the “Construction and Maintenance Joint Conference” and “Structure Risk Review Meeting” that have been held in the past, A “Group Liaison Committee on Safety” will be launched to share information and issues directly. Through these activities, we will foster common awareness among departments and within the group, and raise safety awareness.

Group liaison meeting on safety

Implement autonomous risk management

Through level-specific training and lectures, we aim to further disseminate risk awareness, implement autonomous risk management in each department including on-site organizations, and monitor from a company-wide perspective centered on the management team I will continue.

Continuous improvement of business processes in response to aging and potential risks of road structures

[For FY2018]

  • The established rules and mechanisms will be incorporated and fixed in daily work at the site, and further improvements will be made to spiral up the quality of work. In addition, regarding cross-departmental efforts, both parties share the recognition of issues and strive for overall optimization.
  • In order to prevent incidents arising from road structure risks, we will continue to identify potential risks, including incidents occurring outside the company, evaluate and examine them, and take measures against actual risks.
  • In addition to reflecting safety-related information and the latest knowledge in the guidelines, etc., we will convey the main points of the revision to the site in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • In addition to continuously improving the “Inspection / Repair Service Support System”, we will promote technological development that contributes to advanced and efficient inspection / diagnosis / repair technology, and put it to practical use.

Establish business process and practice PDCA cycle

In order to deal with the aging of structures and potential risks, we will establish the business process from the construction stage to the management stage in the field work, steadily implement the PDCA cycle, and make continuous improvements.

Prevention of events caused by road structure risks

In addition to identifying potential risks at the “Investigative Review Committee on Structural Risks” and taking specific measures, we are striving to identify unrecognized risks from external information. Going forward, we will continue to actively utilize incident information, including incidents outside the company, to prevent incidents resulting from road structure risks.

Implementation of inspections based on external information

Reflect safety information and latest knowledge in the guidelines

We will reflect safety information and the latest knowledge in the guidelines, etc., to improve safety.

Continuous improvement of “Inspection / Repair Service Support System” and advanced and efficient inspection technology

  • ・ To ensure steady inspections and repairs, we will make further improvements to the “inspection / repair work support system” based on local usage conditions and user opinions.
  • ・ Proceed with technological development that contributes to advanced and efficient inspection, diagnosis and repair. ( See Technical Development )

3. Promotion of safety activities

[For FY2018]

  • The management team will take the lead and follow up on efforts to improve safety, such as actively disseminating information from a company-wide perspective, and will continue to improve the approach by incorporating the opinions of the Expert Committee on Safety Improvement.
  • In order to promote the collection, sharing, and utilization of safety-related information, the significance and utilization method of the safety bulletin board is made known through training and various meetings, and information gathering activities inside and outside the country, including overseas, are effectively developed. , To further organize, analyze and systematize information.
  • Regular site organization patrols will provide lessons learned from safety-related information and site support based on the latest knowledge.
  • Expressway Based on the latest data, we will disseminate information from the customer's perspective.

Follow-up of efforts to improve safety

The Safety Improvement Committee (Chairman: President) will continuously check and follow up on the status of initiatives based on "Five Initiatives Policy" from a company-wide perspective. In addition, to obtain opinions and advice from experts on the status and results of initiatives, measures to foster a safety culture and prevent accidents, etc., we held a `` Safety Improvement Experts Meeting '' comprised of outside experts. We will report the status of our efforts and work to improve them.

Safety improvement expert meeting

Promote collection, sharing, and utilization of safety information

Utilizing the in-group portal site “Safety Bulletin Board”, a wide range of safety-related information such as proposals from employees and customer feedback is collected and shared throughout the Group.
In addition, lessons learned will be derived from the information obtained and will be further utilized to support the field.

Overview of “Safety Bulletin Board”

Implementation of on-site support

Through regular on-site organization tours, we are working to enhance safety-related communications with on-site organizations, and are collecting issues and best practices for fostering a corporate culture that places safety first.
In fiscal 2018, we will work to resolve issues in cooperation with related departments and affiliated Companies in our Group based on the issues and good practices we have collected, and plan to roll out good practices horizontally within the Group. In addition to Large the scope of organizational patrols, we will also support efforts to ensure safety.

Hearing on site organization patrol

Click here for publication of inspection plans and inspection results for road structures, etc.

4. Development of human resources to support safety

[For FY2018]

  • Recognizing that human resources are the foundation of the company, we will continue to develop human resources from a medium- to long-term perspective while steadily turning up the PDCA cycle of each initiative to spiral up.
    HR measures such as job rotation that emphasizes on-site experience, including personnel exchanges with Companies in our Group and collaboration with the “Human Resource Development Master Plan” and other means to strengthen organizational capabilities and further foster a sense of group unity I will try.
    In addition, while promoting the training of engineers based on the technology strategy, we will verify issues and lead to necessary improvements.
  • As a safety education common to the entire group, "safety awareness training" will be completed as planned by the end of 2018. In addition, we will verify the training so far and formulate a plan for the next “Safety Awareness Training”.
  • We will raise the motivation of our employees by rooting the culture of complimenting through the horizontal development of good examples in cooperation with each department.

Systematic implementation of various training based on the “Human Resource Development Master Plan”

Utilizing the accumulated technology and know-how, we will aim to cultivate engineers who can grasp the problems and steadily solve the problems, in addition to proposing construction methods, technical improvements and ingenuity at the site.

Safety awareness training

In the Safety Awareness Training, we pray for the happiness of everyone who died in the Sasago Tunnel ceiling accident, and learned from the records and materials related to the accident to ensure that safety is our top priority, never forgetting the accident. We strive to ensure awareness of At the end of FY2018, the training for the trainees will make one round, but in order to carry out the second round of training, we will formulate a plan for the contents of the next training and will continue to implement it.

Safety awareness training

Fostering a culture of complimenting to increase employee motivation ( See Productivity Improvement )

In order to improve the motivation of group employees, we recognize commendations for actions and actions based on “customer-centered” as a model for Companies in our Group. In addition, from fiscal 2018 onward, we will implement a safety award for the efforts of the organization, and work to spread good examples of the “praise culture” being implemented in each workplace.

5.Promote steady and efficient business to improve safety

[For FY2018]

  • All measures will be steadily advanced in order to systematically implement countermeasures against actual risks for which response policies have been formulated.
  • Based on the following points, we will implement planned and efficient countermeasures against aging of road structures.
    • ・ Perform inspections based on close-up vision based on a five-year inspection plan.
    • ・ Review the maintenance and repair plan based on the inspection results, and steadily implement maintenance and repair work.
    • Expressway Renewal Project and seismic reinforcement measures, we will promote the business under integrated business management and under steady progress management.
    • ・ Improve understanding and awareness of Expressway Renewal Project and maintenance and repair work.
    • ・ Properly manage sales facilities through planned renewal of equipment and reliable inspection and maintenance.
  • We will make further improvements to secure and allocate management resources in response to increases in repair costs and work volume based on inspection results. In addition, we will work on measures against bad bids in order to carry out the project systematically and efficiently.

Reliable response to risk events of exposed structures

We will implement systematic measures for the risks that have become apparent through the identification of potential risks, incorporating the latest knowledge and technology.

Steady implementation of inspection plan and planned implementation of repair work

As a countermeasure against the deterioration of road structures, we will steadily implement a five-year inspection plan based on close-up visual inspection and plan maintenance and repair work based on the results of road structure soundness diagnosis and Expressway Renewal Project I will proceed.

  • -We will steadily carry out inspections based on close visual inspection of six types of structures defined by laws and regulations.
    (Bridges, tunnels, sheds, large culverts, pedestrian bridges, gate-type signs, etc.) See steady implementation of maintenance cycle
  • ・ We will perform systematic repairs for changes in road structures.
  • ・ Promote aging measures for road structures by promoting Expressway Renewal Project. See Expressway Renewal Project
  • ・ Promote seismic reinforcement measures. See Promotion of seismic reinforcement measures
  • ・ We will work to improve understanding and awareness of Expressway Renewal Project and maintenance and repair work.
  • ・ We will rationally renew business facilities while prolonging the life of business facilities through appropriate repairs.

Measures to ensure business execution

  • ・ Efforts to improve productivity and secure and allocate appropriate management resources.
  • ・ Sophistication of inspection technology ( See Technical Development )
  • ・ We will conduct a survey on tender announcement materials and exchange opinions with related organizations, and implement measures to prevent bid failures.

Based on our management philosophy of “Private safety first”, we are working to improve the safety of road structures based on “ “Five Initiatives Policy” for Improving Safety ”, as well as traffic congestion due to safety measures at accident-prone locations and network maintenance. In order for customers to drive safely on Expressway, including the reduction and elimination of traffic, the following initiatives will be integrated and systematically promoted.