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Please refrain from using the Expressway due to heavy rain.

Parking reservation system Social experiment

Parking reservation system

NEXCO CENTRAL In order to promote the improvement of labor productivity and work styles in order to promote the improvement of labor productivity and work styles while the shortage of trucks and other drivers is progressing toward sustainable economic growth and strengthening of international competitiveness in Japan, we will ensure a reliable break opportunity for drivers. Car parking reservation system social experiment to Toyohashi parking area (Out-bound)

About social experiments

April 12, 2019 (Friday) 13:00 start

For the time being, it will be a free experiment and will start a paid experiment as soon as it is ready.

Membership registration is required as a monitor for use.

Toyohashi Parking Area (Out-bound)position

Parking reservation system

Toyohashi Parking Area (Out-bound)Overview

Toyohashi Parking Area (Out-bound) There are reserved areas for reserved cars and non-reserved general areas.
Parking reservation system

  • ・ Number of parking spaces in the reserved area: 9 extra large and 10 medium / large
  • ・ Extra large: Total length 25m, Overall width 2.5m, Medium / Large: Overall length 12m, Overall width 2.5m

* The number of parking spaces in the reservation area may vary.

* Normal cars (small cars) cannot be used. For ordinary cars (small cars), please use the general area.

(Reference) Number of parking spaces in the general area: Both ordinary cars (small cars) and large cars can be used (large car equivalent: 22 cars, 44 car equivalents) Extra large 1 car (23m or less), people with disabilities Parking: 2 regular cars (small cars), 1 large car

Flow of use

Parking reservation system

* Reservation acceptance period: 2 weeks before use-5 hours before the reservation date and time
* Reservation reception time, maximum reservation time, etc. may be changed depending on the experiment conditions.

Monitor offer contents and requirements

  1. 1. We will monitor all business operators.
  2. 2. Using the reservation system
    Please make a reservation and use the parking lot during the social experiment period.
  3. 3. Questionnaire cooperation
    After using the parking lot, please cooperate with the prescribed questionnaire.
    We may also ask you to participate in monitor meetings.
Recruitment requirements
  1. 1. Logistics company that understands and agrees with the main point of this experiment
  2. 2.Available on vehicles equipped with ETC2.0
  3. 3. Logistics operators that can pay by credit card (during the paid experiment)

Usage notes

  • ・ Please note vehicle restrictions
    Vehicles that can be parked are limited to vehicles below the following standards and larger than ordinary vehicles (small cars) parked (5.00 x 2.50).
    Extra large: Total length 25m, Total width 2.5m, Medium / Large: Total length 12m, Total width 2.5m
  • ・ You cannot use the reserved area except for reserved vehicles. Please use the general area.
  • ・ Please enter the reserved vehicle from the reserved lane.
  • ・ Please contact the Times Contact Center for inquiries regarding the reservation area.
  • ・ Please do not back in the reserved lane.

Contact information

[Inquiries about social experiments and Expressway]
Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Customer Center
TEL: 0120-922-229 (toll free number)
TEL: 052-223-0333 (Customers who cannot use toll-free numbers / call charges)
The reservation system uses Times 24 Co., Ltd. system.
[Reservation inquiry]
Please contact us from the Times 24 website.
TEL: 0120-12-8924 (toll-free / 24 hours reception)
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